03 April 2010

Going To Paradise At Ao Nang Thailand

Ao Nang Beach is the most popular beach in Krabi, Thailand for tourist. This small fishing village eighties has earned a place on the world map of tourism in the last ten years. Those who have seen the beach in its previous avatar was surprised at its transformation.

The area of the town in Ao Nang is so small and not enough restaurants, bars, clubs and shops to meet visitors.
Although the nightlife is not as dynamic Aonang Krabi Phuket or Pattaya, so many beautiful dances with live music of the night breeze. Most beach bars offer a spectacular view of the sunset.

Ao Nang Beach is a beautiful white sand beach dotted with limestone cliffs in the background. While the beach offers immense opportunities for water sports, with its crystalline waters and abundant marine fauna, karst offers endless possibilities for adventure. Despite the presence of all these things, it is surprising that the beach is open during peak hours.
Snorkeling is another popular activity for Aonang. In high season you can find in the hustle and bustle of the beach to enjoy the season at the perfect time for a meeting of snorkeling. The beach is also ideal for water sports like swimming.

Seafood is another specialty of Ao Nang beach. From restaurants to send cars from sellers all have their presence in the area of the beach. Not only is the food fresh and tasty, the prices are reasonable. Ao Nang has the most restaurants specialize in Krabi, some of them in the kitchen of the North. There are many tourist shops, pharmacies, 7 / 11, the massage rooms and bicycle rental shops. There are two bar areas, good fun for those who want to stay until the end.
If you do not like is on a flight to Krabi, which is really an international airport, you can take to a minibus terminal in Hat Yai will have to cost around 200 baht and takes about three to four hours.

If you're in Bangkok, then take the train takes you to Surat Thani and from there yet, I recommend a mini-van. It also is 200 baht and takes the same time.

The Krabi’s local bus will take you to Ao Nang open support for about 60 baht and takes about 30 minutes. The bus ride to Ao Nang is going through a beautiful landscape and also by bus, the city is surrounded by limestone cliffs high, which are peculiar to the region approaches. It 's a really amazing place. Ao Nang is a picturesque fishing village with lots to see and do.

Ao Nang Beach offers a wide variety of accommodations to all prices for different budgets. The place is beautiful and there are endless possibilities for activities around the sea is an ideal base for your holiday in Thailand.


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