28 December 2009

Patong Beach, The Most Popular in Phuket

Patong Beach The Most Popular For Tourist

Patong Beach is located in the west of Phuket. It is very beautiful and popular beach in the world. Almost tourist often thinking of Patong Beach is the first when they talk about Phuket. The beach became popular with Western tourists, especially Europeans, in the late 1980s of years. Many large hotels and hotel chains are there and it also contains an important center of nightlife in Phuket. Patong beach is white sandy, clear blue sea. The sea of Patong beach is change the color by different season, some seasons may be green or blue but sometime is dark blue. There are many activities for tourist such as elephant ride, fishing, canoeing, diving,
jet ski and sunbathing. There are shopping center and many souvenir shop and all the things that the tourists desire in Patong Beach.

The length of Patong Beach is about 3 kilometers. The tourist like to relax with sunbathing and the good time to swimming is in the morning and evening. The beach is surrounded by the mountain, so the sea in this beach is safe and good for many activities are swimming, banana boat, parasailing and jet ski.

Patong Beach is also famous for its nightlife and the range of 2 miles, along the length of the west of Patong. The nightlife is mainly on two areas of Bangla Road and Paradise Complex centered, with Bangla Road is predominantly straight and Paradise Complex is predominantly gay. Both roads are many issues with bars, night clubs lined, and go go bars. Prostitution is culturally acceptable, especially in Bangla Road, where it drink a lot of old men dressed in women from Eastern and much younger in Thailand. Discos in Patong for this purpose a registration fee of 100 baht, but instead a fee is actually a minimum coverage of alcohol, because you get to a good buy, and most clubs charge 100 baht for almost all drinks

In the evening, is good time for sightseeing and go to visit Kalim beach. Kalim beach is a small beach next to Patong beach, the beach is filled with the big rock and the beautiful view in Kalim beach will different from the beach at Patong beach.

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