29 December 2009

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Vegeterian Festival
The most important festival in Phuket that arrange in the first 9 days of the lunar month of 9 traditional Chinese calendar in every year is the vegetarian festival. It is usually in the last week of September or within the first week of October.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival held annually at the beginning of Lent to celebrate Taoist. Due to the large number of Phuket residents with Chinese roots, the Taoist Lent is celebrated in a large group of people in Phuket. The festival begins with the Chinese religious believers completely abandon all dairy products and meat.

The festivities in Phuket that occur during the Vegetarian Festival is one of five major Chinese temples are located in Phuket. Visit the best churches in China are the temples of China and the explosion NIAW Jui Tui Chinese temple.

The Vegetarian Festival is more than abstinence from meat and dairy products. Other parts of the festival includes temple offerings to the monks, offering gifts to the nine emperor gods wake up during the festival, fireworks and cultural shows, just to name a few.

The number of participants in the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket as the media in the period from 9 gods on earth. This means promoting a special state of trance. This state of trance, cheeks, pierced by numerous sharp objects such as knives and spears.

While these special party for all vegetarians take in the great procession, it takes a lot of stores that have an altar in the street with special offers. The selected fruits, offered in the store, and they are the guardians of the offerings to the sharp points that their cheeks. If there is no place among the other proposals from others.

The atmosphere of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is certainly unique, and must for all travelers who are on the island during the event to be experienced. In describing the event in its entirety, in a nutshell, the festival could be described as a religious insanity.

Wherever you look, you see the fireworks spectacular ritual dance download bloody shirt of the old forms of worship and religious activities worn.

If you ask the residents of Phuket with Chinese roots to the birth of the party after telling a tragic story. It is said, a Chinese company has visited Phuket for nearly a century and a half.

The Chinese company has been a tragedy if all the members of Chinese society was affected seriously ill. The story goes that he angry because she had failed to turned to the nine emperor gods of Taoism in relation to offer. The only way was in the members of the troupe, China was able to heal one day, that 9 of Lent, there are only vegetarian food, long time of meditation and acts of piercing included.

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