19 December 2009

Phuket Travel Information

Phuket is an interesting place for your vacations, but as for any purpose, it pays to get an idea of the location before you visit. With a little research can save money and have the best time possible. No need to take notes, but when it comes to travel information for Phuket, it is better to try to digest as possible.

The unit of currency in Phuket is the Thai baht. Traveler checks can be cashed on the island and there are a large number of ATMs accepting international credit cards. It’s also use a credit card to withdraw money
from an ATM, although it is likely to be connected to a charge of everything. There are money changers in all of the most popular destinations such as Patong, Phuket City, Kata and Karon.

In general, most people in Phuket can speak a little in English, especially those trying to sell you stuff. If you're lost, try a young man asking for directions. Ask an elderly person can live a little confused exchange.

Getting around Phuket is relatively simple, but can be expensive. Taxi to the airport to your hotel, but it is against the law, have returned to the streets. Tuk-Tuk is everywhere but you have to pay a lot of money. You need to negotiate a price, but even then it will be even more expensive. However, if you are stuck for the night, you can have no other choice.

During the day there are buses to service the tourist in Phuket. The price is 20 baht. A Motorcycle taxi to take you a short course of about 40 baht or you can rent the motorcycle (200 baht per day) at the motorcycle rental.

Stay in touch with friends on the island can be expensive, foreign SIM cards. It works a lot cheaper, but also in all branches of the 7-Elevent and buy a new SIM card in less than 200 baht. They cost only 50 baht provider. Credit cards can be purchased at 7-Eleven stores.

If you buy something from the shop on the street, unless the DVD or CD, it is necessary to haggle a little, especially for clothes. Although some tourists may try, you can not haggle as legitimate businesses in shopping centers, even if you might be able to start a business part of the market stalls inside.

Enjoy in Phuket!!!!

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