31 December 2009

Thailand Scuba Diving

When is the good season to go to diving in Andaman Sea.

Thailand is the favorite place for diving, where warm, calm waters and abundant marine life is incredibly famous for spectacular diving. Diving in Thailand is very cheap than Europe and the Caribbean,

For the best diving in Thailand, you need to know when and where to go. Not all dive sites in Thailand there all year, so it's a bit 'of planning.

30 December 2009

Naithon Beach Phuket

Naithon Beach Phuket

Naithon beach is located in south of the Sirinat National Park about 6 kilometers and the beach far from Phuket International Airport about 15 minutes. Nai Thon beach is a white sandy beach, clear blue sky and water. Nai Thon is one of the most deserted beaches on the west coast of Phuket.

29 December 2009

Surin Beach Phuket The Popular In Phuket

Surin Beach Phuket
: Phuket Popular Beach

Surin Beach is located on the west coast of Phuket between Kamala and Bang Tao Beach. It is a very popular for Thai and foreigner tourist. Surin Beach is white sandy and clear water. This beach generally only gets a bit crowded during the high season.

There are many restaurant (Indian, Thai, seafood), mini bar and cheap hotel along the Surin Beach. The thing you should do in Surin Beach is surfing and snorkeling.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Vegeterian Festival
The most important festival in Phuket that arrange in the first 9 days of the lunar month of 9 traditional Chinese calendar in every year is the vegetarian festival. It is usually in the last week of September or within the first week of October.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival held annually at the beginning of Lent to celebrate Taoist. Due to the large number of Phuket residents with Chinese roots, the Taoist Lent is celebrated in a large group of people in Phuket. The festival begins with the Chinese religious believers completely abandon all dairy products and meat.

28 December 2009

Patong Beach, The Most Popular in Phuket

Patong Beach The Most Popular For Tourist

Patong Beach is located in the west of Phuket. It is very beautiful and popular beach in the world. Almost tourist often thinking of Patong Beach is the first when they talk about Phuket. The beach became popular with Western tourists, especially Europeans, in the late 1980s of years. Many large hotels and hotel chains are there and it also contains an important center of nightlife in Phuket. Patong beach is white sandy, clear blue sea. The sea of Patong beach is change the color by different season, some seasons may be green or blue but sometime is dark blue. There are many activities for tourist such as elephant ride, fishing, canoeing, diving,

27 December 2009

Koh Racha, Phuket The Paradise of Andaman

Koh Racha (Koh Raya) Phuket

Koh Racha or Koh Raya is a new interesting island of Phuket. The beach in Koh Racha is white sandy, sky and sea is very clear. The most area of Koh Racha is the coconut farm.

Koh Racha or Koh Raya is include 2 islands are Koh Racha Yai (yai = big) and Koh Racha Noi (noi = small). It located about 23 kilomaters in the south of Phuket.

26 December 2009

Phuket Charter Cruises The Exciting Activity In Phuket

Exciting With Phuket Charter Cruises
Thailand is a country with great history and the ideal way to experience a part of this story once and for all. Phuket is considered the jewel of the Andaman Sea. Yacht charter holidays are interesting activity you should recognize if you ever want to visit Phuket.

Phuket Charter Cruises are very popular with many tourist that going to visit Phuket Thailand, at least part of their journey. This means that it is very important that you book in advance to make sure that you will be able to leave. Phuket yacht charter vacation is very excited activity for tourist and there is no such thing qui

25 December 2009

Kamala Beach "The Beautiful Quite Nice In Phuket"

Phuket, Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is located about 26 kilometers from Phuket. Kamala Beach is the one of most beautiful quite nice beach of Phuket. The length of Kamala Beach is about 2 kilometers, it is long, clean sandy beach
with an impressive good view. The Kamala Beach is popular for Thai and foreigner traveller who prefer the

24 December 2009

Phuket, How To Go To Phuket Thailand

Phuket International Airport is located in the north of the island. There are many scheduled and charter officials and other Asian countries, Australia, Europe and North America, landing in Phuket.There is a railway line in Phuket, but the trains that pass near Surat Thani. Songthaews (passenger vehicles pick-up) are a common mode of transport in Phuket. Phuket Songthaews found more compared to other areas of Thailand. They move between the city and beaches. There are also buses and motorcycle taxis. These are found in large amounts in the capital and in Patong Beach. The tuk-tuk are traditional vans, usually red or yellow have replaced some. Songthaews are the means of transport more convenient to travel from one city to another.

23 December 2009

Phuket Thailand

Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Phuket is the largest island of Thailand, it located in the Andaman Sea of southern Thailand. The main island of the length Total from north to south, is about 50 km and 20 km wide.
Phuket is very popular for both of Thai and foreigner tourist, the one of the most favorit

e beach is Patong Beach. Most of Phuket’s nightlife is located in Patong.Other famous beaches are located south of Patong include Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach and near the southern tip of the island, Nai Harn Beach and Rawai. In the north of Patong, Kamala Beach, Surin Beach and Bang Tao Beach. These areas are generally much less

20 December 2009

Where to Find the Good Restaurant In Phuket

There were many places to eat in Phuket but in most cases it is difficult to separate the good restaurant and low prices. There is no doubt that Phuket has a variety of interesting places to eat. From the kitchen and from the simplest to the most beautiful restaurants lots to offer even the most discerning palates Phuket.

Thailand is famous for its street food and though you won't find the same kind of choice as you can in Bangkok, Phuket still has street food in abundance. You could spend days arguing about which street vendor does the best noodles or kao man gai, but ultimately, half the fun off eating off the street is in trying a variety of places and seeing which ones are best.

19 December 2009

Phuket Travel Information

Phuket is an interesting place for your vacations, but as for any purpose, it pays to get an idea of the location before you visit. With a little research can save money and have the best time possible. No need to take notes, but when it comes to travel information for Phuket, it is better to try to digest as possible.

The unit of currency in Phuket is the Thai baht. Traveler checks can be cashed on the island and there are a large number of ATMs accepting international credit cards. It’s also use a credit card to withdraw money
from an ATM, although it is likely to be connected to a charge of everything. There are money changers in all of the most popular destinations such as Patong, Phuket City, Kata and Karon.